What's Up With THE BOSS

What's Up With THE BOSS Book!
THE BOSS ALWAYS SITS IN THE BACK was a story Jon D'Amore knew needed to be written when he first went to Las Vegas with his Godfather Jerry in the mid-1970s. But seconds after Jon mentioned it, he was told "Don't even think about it until three people are no longer walkin' the Earth"...with Jerry being one of them.
So the story stayed in Jon's mind, heart and files for decades.
The first of those people, Rocco Casiano...THE BOSS...was murdered in 1988. In the early 1990s the second one, Tommy Dolan, passed away within months of being released from prison. In the summer of 1999, Jerry was the last to die. That's when Jon started to write his story.
During those years, Jerry moved to Palm Springs, California, and Jon developed a relationship with Rocco...even becoming Rocco's "honorary godson" for saving THE BOSS from 40 years in prison. It also provided Jon with additional stories and insights that would be used within the book he wanted to write.
After moving to Los Angeles and writing the manuscript for THE BOSS, Jon spent the next few years writing screenplays...but those who read the manuscript consistently told him to get it out to the masses. Of course, that was easier said than done.
On May 24, 2012, during a trip to New Jersey to speak about the manuscript he had written, Jon was honored by Union City Mayor/State Senator Brian Stack, Commissioner Lucio Fernandez and Police Chief Brian Barrett with the official proclamation naming all future May 24ths JON D'AMORE DAY in the city of his birth.
In the meantime, thank you to all who've supported THE BOSS, and to those who want to know more about it.
What's Up With THE BOSS Screenplay
First, a little history on why there's a screenplay for THE BOSS in the first place: Upon moving to Los Angeles and spending about 18 months writing the manuscript for the book, Jon sought someone to guide him through the evil and legal waters of publishing. He found that person in Howard Frumes, a literary and entertainment attorney in Century City.
After reading THE BOSS, Howard was impressed and gave Jon this advice; "If you really want to sell THE BOSS...move back east and get this manuscript in front of the people who can get it published. They publish 'books' in New York. They make 'movies' in Hollywood. So unless you plan on turning this into a screenplay, it's going to be very hard to sell in L.A."
Jon had no intention of leaving the 80 degree winter days of L.A. for the 20 degree days (and even colder nights) of New Jersey, so he learned how to write screenplays. As you can see from the Talk Around Town page of Jon's website, he learned fast...and well.
A little over a year later the screenplay for THE BOSS was written, re-written and honed from 276 pages to a more realistic 118. Four major readings took place before it was time to get it out to producers. Here are a few Photos from one of the readings.
THE BOSS screenplay is available to producers who can really get a $20 million project off the ground. For a copy of THE BOSS script-synopsis or full screenplay, contact Howard Frumes on the CONTACT page.